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Litigation Innovated

Shawn Arnold
Founding Partner

Prior to CodexTen, Shawn Arnold was vCIO at Hilltop Consultants, Inc. until 2020, and vCIO/Client Services Manager at Leapfrog Services from 2014-2019. With more than 20 years of sales and business development experience combined with his expertise in IT managed services, Shawn realized the great potential eDiscovery held, ultimately leading to his co-founding CodexTen with Clayton Romero.

Shawn’s acumen with software infrastructure and problem solving was an asset in his career delivering and managing cloud services, IT strategy and cybersecurity strategy — especially within the legal industry. In addition, as an efficiency fanatic, Shawn believes that eDiscovery is the perfect tool for law firms. For example, after adopting eDiscovery he has witnessed immediate results where a firm’s typical 2–4-week workload is reduced down to 10-12 hours.

Before computer technology became a common household item, Shawn got his business degree from Mercer University and began his career in sales, however his interest in information technology began at an early age. Influenced by his father’s ambition and forward-thinking instinct, Shawn was always around new technology and received his first computer when he was five — an Apple IIc.

Shawn admires lawyers and attorneys and all that they have to accomplish to be successful in what he views as a very noble and sacred industry. The results from civil or criminal suits are very impactful to someone’s financial future, freedom or life. That’s why, along with his partners Clayton and Bart, Shawn is dedicated to providing attorneys with the tools to focus on trial strategy to win more cases.

As a former pitcher on the Mercer University baseball team, Shawn takes his student-athlete work ethic and applies it to his company. His passions outside of work extend to advocating for college athletics or athletes, mentoring graduating seniors at his alma mater, his lovely wife, Holly, and their fur babies. Learn more about Shawn and his interests on his podcast, TMIPod.