Litigation Innovated
Litigation Innovated

Clayton Romero
Founding Partner

Clayton Romero began working as an IT consultant with his stepdad at the age of 15. His love of problem solving and attention to detail led to him cutting his teeth in forensic data recovery and eventually to technology team management and strategic advisement. By his early 20’s, he’d found a home in the legal industry, helping attorneys and law firms confront the unique challenges they are faced with.

After more than a decade of IT directorship and advisement, Clayton seized onto his next challenge — eDiscovery. When firms began to downsize due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he realized that small to mid-sized boutique law firms had a serious problem that they were struggling to solve; how to compete with larger firms and handle modern day discovery. By partnering with his colleague, Shawn Arnold, the two IT professionals founded CodexTen to assist law firms and their attorneys to use their time more efficiently, making better use of billable hours, and enabling more effective trial strategy. Clayton and Shawn later brought in Bart Heres as a partner to handle corporate communications and sales while they focused on the technical aspects of CodexTen’s concierge eDiscovery services.

Clayton believes that eDiscovery is in its adolescent stage and once law firms learn about its advantages, adopt the platform and integrate it into the firm’s daily operations, there will be no turning back and the field will continue to grow and innovate.

While Clayton pursues many creative hobbies outside of the legal tech field, these enterprises also challenge and inspire him in ways that enhance his work in eDiscovery. His two daughters, AJ and Evie, keep him and his wife on their toes as well.