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Litigation Innovated
  • Litigation Execution Management with Effective & Efficient eDiscovery
    Leveraging the right partner and the right platform can quickly and significantly affect the workload, accuracy, and security of the eDiscovery function in your practice.  Ten times faster, seven times more accurate, and seven times safer from error liability.  That's your advantage with CodexTen.

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Is your firm leveraging best-in-class, cloud-based software in eDiscovery for document review?  Even if the answer is yes, are you maximizing its power and effectiveness to get the most value out of your investment?  Our experience says the answer to at least one of these questions is, "No."  CodexTen delivers these tools, optimizes their effectiveness, and allows you to focus on serving you clients and winning your cases, all while saving money compared to traditional eDiscovery practices.

Technology Pioneers

At CodexTen we’re focused on removing the knowledge and technology barriers that prevent law firms from taking full advantage of Artificial Intelligence tools and being tied up with managing evidence and productions. For a fixed monthly cost per attorney (plus data storage) we’ll manage all of a firm’s eDiscovery and evidence-handling needs. In addition, we’ll be able to generate business intelligence, efficiency models, and true case cost metrics to firms using our service. 

eDiscovery Auto-Pilot

  • Evidence Collection & Collation
  • Legal Technology ESI Consultation
  • Production & Document Delivery
  • CodexTen Workflows
  • eDiscovery Concierge Services

CodexTen Business

  • Case Metrics
  • Employee Efficiency
  • Client Telemetry

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ACEDS Certified

ACEDS is the world's leading organization that specializes in education, training and certification in eDiscovery, information governance and relevant legal disciplines. 

Having the CodexTen service team ACEDS certified lets clients know that they will be receiving unparalleled, highly trained and knowledgeable service with expert technical competence.