Litigation Innovated
Litigation Innovated

eDiscovery Innovated

CodexTen's suite of services are designed to help our clients evaluate discovery data faster, safer and more accurately at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  We hope to talk with you soon about how your firm can realize the advantages of Smarter > harder.

eDiscovery Auto-Pilot

  • Evidence collection and collation
  • Production and document delivery
  • CodexTen workflows
  • Legal technology ESI consultant
  • eDiscovery concierge services

Business Intelligence

  • Case metrics
  • Employee efficiency
  • Client telemetry


  • AI and machine learning capable
  • Cloud-based
  • Remote work friendly
  • Unparalleled Security
  • Best-in-class provider

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True Cost of Case

Find out how much those cases really cost you in personnel and dollars. 

Realtime Document review Metrics

Deadlines got you down? We can tell you how long it's going to take you to finish, and who your fastest reviewers are.

Employee Efficiency Metrics

Real objective metrics are hard to obtain.  Our methods uncover review speed and accuracy, so you can fine-tune training and efficiency.

Client Reports

Are you providing good value to your clients? Are your clients providing good value to you?

Hassle-Free Evidence Handling

How much time does your firm spend collecting discovery information? Do you know how long you should store that information? Is it safe and secure?

Demystified ESI Consultation

Communication with co-counsel, opposing counsel, and experts are confusing and contentious enough without adding complicated technical language and court mandated requirements.

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